Understoodit is a tool that educators and students can use to make sure that students understand what the teacher is presenting. This can be very helpful as a feedback for educational organizations like Universities and colleges but also for individual teachers that want to learn more about their students. Students anonymously indicate whether they understand what the teacher says, or whether they are confused by it.

Teachers can get feedback from Students using Understoodit: Confused or Not?

Students can let the teacher know whether they understand everything that is said, or if there is anything they need repeated. By using tools like Understoodit you can avoid asking your students “is it clear? is it clear?”. If there is something they do not understand well they can add it to the system. If it would not be anonymous then the rule is that many of them may feel afraid to act stupid in front of classmates or the teacher.

It is also possible to insert votings or tests into powerpoint presentations with the tool. The votings can be designed as multiple choice or true/false questions, as questions with scaled responses (strongly agree, agree, neutral) or as questions with text responses.

You can use this tool for free, but from October 2012 it will cost $3 per month per teacher.

Learn more in https://understoodit.com/

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