The power of your presentation decides your failure or success whether you are influencing colleagues, energizing a team or selling a product to your clients. Incorporating a digital edge to your PowerPoint presentation enhances the rate of your success and helps accomplishing your business goals proficiently.

The Best Way To Incorporate A Digital Edge To Your Presentations

Here are a few ways to incorporate a digital edge to your presentations.

Slide Share

Slide Share is one of the most famous tools designed for sharing powerpoint presentations and more through the internet or embed them in your website or even blog too.

Slide Online

SlideOnline is a web app which enables converting your powerpoint and PDF files to online presentations which can be easily shared via social media, direct link and embed code. Furthermore, you can also choose to keep your presentations private or public and gather user feedback via comments.


Fotobabble is one of the highly talked about tools that helps us creating talking pictures. After giving a final touch to the created photos, those can be inserted in the Slides of your presentation on powerpoint. It looks really attractive to the audience and can attract any person at its first glance.


This is a tool that helps us to create a talking avatar for your presentations. For more details, check out the Voki website.


With the help of this tool you can make beautiful graphical presentations that can be zoomed in and out conveniently and can see any picture with the bigger view and can even drill into its details.

With the help of all these tools, you can surely incorporate a digital edge to your powerpoint presentation and can lure your audience easily to accomplish your business goals. Read more about using this tool from our tips and tutorials about Prezi.

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