Outlook.com is the new face of Hotmail.com, with a brand new interface and lot of new features like Skype integration, cloud storage integration (SkyDrive). But if you already have a Hotmail account you may be wondering how to switch to Outlook.com without losing all your emails or without creating a new account.

Upgrade your Hotmail account to Outlook.com

Now you can change your existing domain name and email from @hotmail.com, @msn.com or @live.com e-mail address to the new @outlook.com domain name.

You need to move quickly before someone else register an account using your existing name. In order to do this, you need to upgrade your Hotmail account to Outlook.com.

First, sign up Hotmail account and go to Inbox and then Options. Click on rename your email address and pick the name you want to use.

Now, Outlook.com will ask you where to place your old emails when you choose the new location.

This change can take a few days before you can login to other services like SkyDrive but in the meantime you have access to the old Hotmail.com account.

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