Digital movies that use the QuickTime technology (.mov videos) can be inserted into PowerPoint presentations as well as Apple Keynote presentations.

Videos .mov QuickTime in PowerPoint

During a presentation, the QuickTime movie added to an individual slide can be played directly from the slide or displayed using the QuickTime Player itself, which makes it very convenient for presenters who need to play movies during their presentations.

Nowadays you can add videos with a better quality using the QuickTime H.264 technology in Mac and Windows Media in Microsoft Windows. If QuickTime is your preference, then the following sets of instructions will be helpful.

Movies can be not saved in the presentation file itself in order to reduce the final size of the PPT, but are referenced from the presentation as an external link to the file or  directory of the movies. However, if you transfer the PPT make sure you copy the video, too.

In powerpoint

An Apple QuickTime movie (.mov) file cannot be inserted into a Microsoft Office powerpoint 2007 presentation, to play a QuickTime movie during your presentation, do one of the following:

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