For PowerPoint presentation number three, we’ll put together something
suitable for a business environment. In this section, you will learn
the following:

  • How to insert and format powerpoint Charts
  • How to create Flow Charts for your powerpoint presentations
  • How to set up a Table in powerpoint
  • More on Custom Animations

The presentation that you will create for this section can be found

Run the presentation and have a look at what you will be creating.
By the end of this section, you will have a slide show exactly like
this one. The Outline for this presentation can be found by clicking
the link below (PDF file that opens in a new window.)

We will be referring to this Outline as we go along.

The presentation has only 8 Slides in it. Here’s a run down of each

Slide One – Introduction
Slide Two – 3D Bar Chart
Slide Three – Pie Chart
Slide Four – 2D Bar Chart
Slide Five – Flow Chart 1
Slide Six – Flow Chart 2
Slide Seven – Table
Slide Eight – Bulleted List

Here’s the scenario for the presentation:

"Produce a powerpoint slide show that highlights employment
productivity in a call-centre. The presentation answers the following

  • Do employees use the internet too much?
  • How much time do staff spend on the
    phone with customers?
  • Do employees spend too much time on
    their breaks?
  • Do management waste too much time in
  • How happy are employees in their jobs?

The presentation will be given to senior management."


But the aim of this section is to get you to a level where you can
design professional-looking presentations for business purposes. Let’s
make a start.


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