Printing a Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint provides many options for printing your presentation and Slides.

To access the print functions:

  1. On the FILE tab, click Print.Printing a Presentation
  2. In the Print pane, select a printer and specify what to print and how to print it. The right pane shows a preview of your print job.
  3. Select the number of Copies to print. Printing a Presentation
  4. To change page setup options, under Print, click Printer Properties and modify the options in the dialog box. Printing a Presentation
  5. Click Print.

Note: You can access more print options by clicking the Printer Properties link.

Printing Selections

You can print only certain Slides in your presentation.

To print a selection:

  1. First, on the Slides tab, select those Slides you want to print. Press and hold Ctrl to select multiple Slides. Printing a Presentation
  2. From the FILE menu tab, select Print. Printing a Presentation
  3. Select the first drop-down under Settings. Printing a Presentation
  4. From the options, select Print Selection. Printing a Presentation

Printing in Grayscale

To print your presentation in grayscale. in the Print section, under Settings, select the Color drop-down and select Grayscale.

Printing a Presentation

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