Printing Presentation in Powerpoint 2010

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It is sometimes necessary that you share your slides with your audience in printed format before you begin presenting them so they can take notes. There are other times when you want to give your audience handouts with additional notes. To do this PowerPoint supports various kinds of printing options.

To print slides you must go to the Backstage view under File tab and click on Print menu.

Printing Presentation in Powerpoint 2010

The table below describes various printing options available in PowerPoint.

Main Settings Options Description
Printing Slides Print All Slides Print all the slides in the presentation
Print Selection Print just the selected objects
Print Current Slide Print just the selected slide
Custom Range Define the slides you want printed
Slides This is same as Custom Range
Print Layout Full Page Slides One slide per page
Notes Page Slide and notes for every slide printed one below another – one slide per page
Outline Print Slide outline
Handouts Print 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 6 or 9 slides per page – aligned vertically or horizontally. When you print handouts with 3 slides, you get the slide and the notes printed next to each other
Collation Collating Options Print slides in sequence or print multiple copies of each slide one after another
Printing Color Color Select color, greyscale or black & white printing options. Although you can select any color settings, the output would depend on the kind of printer you use. A non-color printer cannot print color slides.

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