The button your created on the previous page is too big at the moment,
and in the wrong place. To remedy this, right click your selected button
to see a context menu:

Select Format AutoShape to see the following dialogue box appear:

Click the dropdown list under Color, and select a colour for your button.
We chose a light blue colour, and put a tick in the box for semitransparent.

Click the Preview button to see what it looks like. Don’t click OK,
though. Click the Size tab instead:

Change the Height to 1.5 cm, and the Width to 2.5 cm.
Click the Preview button, then click the Position tab at the

This button will be going in the bottom right of the slide. So set
the Horizontal position to 22 cm, and the Vertical to
15 cm. Click OK and your first button should be in place. We’ll keep
all the Back and Forward buttons in the same position. That way, they
won’t look as though they are jumping about when moving from slide to

No back button is needed on the first slide, of course. So, from the
Outline View on the left, click your second slide (or insert one if
you haven’t got a slide 2).

Add a Title, and delete the text area, and the slide will look like

You don’t have to draw a new forward button again. Click back on slide
1, and click your forward button to select it. From the PowerPoint menu,
click Edit > Copy. Now go back to slide 2 and click Edit
> Paste
. powerpoint will paste a new Forward button in the same
place as the first one.

To add a back button to slide 2, again click Slide Show > Action
from the menu bar. This time, select the Back arrow,
just to the left of the Forward arrow. Draw a Back button on slide 2.
Click OK when you see the Action Settings dialogue box (but make sure
it says Previous Slide under Hyperlink to).

Resize and move your Back button in the same way you did for the Forward
button. Set the Colour, and Size to the same values as before. For the
Position, set the Vertical to 15 cm again, but set the Horizontal
to 1 cm. Your slide 2 should then look like this:

Test out your presentation so far by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard.
When your presentation starts, click your new buttons and see if they
work OK.

Insert a new slide, and add the following Title at the top:

Copy and paste your two buttons from slide two over to your new slide
3. powerpoint will place them in the same positions as slide 2, and
they will have the same actions attached to them – Next slide and Previous
slide. We can now add a Hyperlink to this new slide.

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