One thing you might discover is that slides in your PowerPoint presentation
are out of position. The slide that should appear third, for example,
might appear as the fifth slide in the presentation. If so, you can
easily remedy this.

You can sort slides, if they are in the wrong order. In the bottom
left of the main
powerpoint screen, look for the Sort Icon (or click View >
Slide Sorter
on the powerpoint menu bar at the top):

Clicking this icon will take you to Slide Sorter View, and the screen
will look like this:

Our slides 5 and 6 are in the wrong order, in the image above. Slide
6 should come in position 5, and slide 5 should come in position 6.

To sort a slide, click on one to highlight it. Hold down your left
mouse button on a highlighted slide, and drag to a new position:

Notice the small icons below slides 5 and 8, just to the left of each

These tell you that a slide has an animation effect. You can preview
your animation by clicking the button on the toolbar at the top of powerpoint:

When you are happy with order of your slides, click View > Normal
from the powerpoint menu bar. Or click the Normal View icon
in the bottom left:

Press F5 to run your presentation, and check that everything is OK.
But you should now have a powerpoint presentation just like ours!

And that’s it for presentation number three. You should now have lots
of new skills that will enable you to put together an impressive business
slide show. In the next few sections, we’ll go through some of the extra
things you can do with powerpoint. First up is How to Create a Design


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