The PowerPoint Software

    The PowerPoint software can be a bit daunting when you’re new to it, and it’s difficult to know just what everything does, and what you’re looking at. In this section, we’ll explain the various areas you need to get to grips with. Let’s start with a picture.   The image above shows what […]

Your First PowerPoint Presentation

    For this first presentation, we’ll just make changes to the default Slides that PowerPoint gave us with the AutoContent Wizard. In this section, you will learn the following: How to change the titles of Slides How to change fonts and font sizes How to add a bulleted list How to delete Slides How […]

PowerPoint Bullets

    Bullet points are probably the most widely-used formatting technique in PowerPoint presentations. They enable you to list your main points of discussion, and serve as a headline for what you are going to be talking about. The default Slides in powerpoint rely heavily on bullets. But they can be overused. First though, we’ll […]

Add an Image to a PowerPoint Slide

    On the next four Slides, we’ll have an image and a text box. The images will be the four steps of the Wizard, and the text box will contain a brief description of what the wizard is doing. You can find the images for this presentation by clicking the link below: Download the […]

The Slide Show Footer in PowerPoint

    Our slide show footer has the date, company name, and slide number. But you can change these details. To view the footer details, click View from the PowerPoint menu bar. From the View menu, click on Header and Footer: When you click Header and Footer, you’ll see the following dialogue box appear: If […]

PowerPoint Presentation Two

  For Presentation number two, we’ll put together a PowerPoint presentation from blank Slides. This is when you add Slides and slide contents all by yourself. Here’s what you’ll learn: How to create a Master Slide How to add your own backgrounds to Slides Slide transitions Bullet effects animated images How to use the powerpoint […]