Keynote Help :Move a presentation

Move a presentation You can move a presentation to another location, including from iCloud to your Mac and vice versa. Moving the presentation doesn’t create a copy of the presentation in the new location, it moves the original presentation to the new location. Change a presentation’s location Choose File > Move To (from the File […]

Keynote Help :Delete a presentation

Delete a presentation You can Delete a presentation to remove it permanently from your iOS device, from your Mac, and from iCloud. Delete a presentation from your iOS device Important: If you turned on iCloud for Keynote (in Settings on your iOS device), deleting a presentation from your device deletes it from iCloud and from […]

Keynote Help :Use iCloud with Keynote

Use iCloud with Keynote iCloud stores your presentations and keeps them up to date across your iOS devices, the web, and your computers. You always have the most current versions at hand, no matter which device you used to make your latest edits. With OS X Yosemite, you use iCloud Drive to access your presentations […]

Keynote Help :Send a copy of a presentation

Send a copy of a presentation You can send a copy of a presentation that recipients can open and modify however they want on their own computers and devices. Their changes don’t affect the original presentation or any other copies of the presentation. If recipients of the presentation use different software than you, you can […]

Keynote Help :Print a presentation

Print a presentation You can print a presentation using any printer you set up on your Mac. To set up a printer, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Printers & Scanners. Print a presentation In the menu bar at the top of your screen, choose File > Print. Specify print options; you may […]

Keynote Help :Use iTunes to transfer files

Use iTunes to transfer files You can use iTunes on your computer to directly transfer presentations between your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and your computer. This is useful for transferring presentations when you aren’t using iCloud. Transfer a presentation from your computer Connect your iOS device to your computer, then open iTunes on your […]

Keynote Help :Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly accomplish many tasks in Keynote. To use a keyboard shortcut, press all the keys in the shortcut at the same time. Shortcuts for common commands are listed in the table below. Move around within a presentation Action Shortcut Move one character to the left Left Arrow […]