PowerPoint 2016 :SmartArt Graphics

Introduction SmartArt allows you to communicate information with graphics instead of just using text. There are a variety of styles to choose from, which you can use to illustrate different types of ideas. Watch the video below to learn more about working with SmartArt. To insert a SmartArt graphic: Select the slide where you want […]

PowerPoint 2016 :Checking Spelling and Grammar

Introduction Worried about making mistakes when you type? Don’t be. PowerPoint provides you with several proofing features—including the Spelling and Grammar tool—that can help you produce professional, error-free presentations. Optional: Download our practice presentation. Watch the video below to learn how to use the Spelling and Grammar tool. To run a spell check: From the […]

PowerPoint 2016 :Reviewing Presentations

Introduction Before delivering your presentation, you might ask someone else to review it and give you feedback on your Slides. You might even work with a collaborator to Create a presentation together. If you were revising a hard copy, you could add comments in the margins or compare your rough and final drafts side by […]

PowerPoint 2016 :Inspecting and Protecting Presentations

Introduction Before sharing a presentation, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t include any information you want to keep private. You may also want to discourage others from editing your file. Fortunately, PowerPoint includes several tools to help inspect and protect your presentation. Optional: Download our practice presentation. Watch the video below to learn more […]

PowerPoint 2016 :Modifying Themes

Introduction Let’s say you really like the style of a theme, but you’d like to experiment with different color schemes. That’s not a problem: You can mix and match colors, fonts, and effects to create a unique look for your presentation. If it still doesn’t look exactly right, you can customize the theme any way […]

PowerPoint 2016 :Slide Master View

Introduction You may have noticed that when you select a different theme in PowerPoint, it rearranges the text on your Slides and adds shapes to the background. This is because each theme has built-in slide layouts and background graphics. You can edit these layouts with a feature called Slide Master view. Once you learn how […]

PowerPoint 2016 :Hyperlinks

Introduction Whenever you use the Internet, you use hyperlinks to navigate from one webpage to another. If you want to include a web address or email address in your PowerPoint presentation, you can choose to format it as a hyperlink so a person can easily click it. It’s also possible to link to files and […]

PowerPoint 2016 :Action Buttons

Introduction Another tool you can use to connect to a webpage, file, email address, or slide is called an action button. Action buttons are built-in shapes you can add to a presentation and set to link to another slide, play a sound, or perform a similar action. When someone clicks or hovers over the button, […]