The final slide in our third
PowerPoint Presentation is a Bulleted list with some animation.

You have already added a bulleted list in a previous presentation.
But insert a new slide into your presentation by clicking Insert
> New Slide
from the powerpoint menu bar. From the New Slide
dialogue box, select Bulleted List from the dialogue box (powerpoint
2000 users):

On the Task Pane in powerpoint 2003, the bulleted list is the first
on the second row, and looks the same as in the image above.

Add the following Title to your new slide:

Now click inside the bulleted list area, and enter the first bullet

Hit the enter key on your keyboard and the slide will look like this:

The font is a bit too big here, so highlight the line. Change the font
to Arial, and the size to 24 points. The text will then fit on one line:

Position the cursor to the end of the line, and hit the enter key on
your keyboard. This will give you the second bullet:

Now type the following:

Do the same for the third bullet, only type this;

And for the final bullet item, type this:

Your final list should then look like ours below:

The text area is too big, in the image above. To resize it, you can
hold your left mouse button down on any of the white squares, and then
drag a border to a new size. Hold your left mouse button down on a shaded
area of the border and you can reposition your text area. The slide
will then look like this:

Finally, we’ll add some bullet animations.


Bullet Animations

So that the bullet don’t appear all at once, you can add a bit of suspense
to the last slide by making each bullet item appear on the click of
a mouse. For this, you need a Custom Animation.

Click anywhere inside of your bulleted list. Then click Slide Show
from the powerpoint menu bar at the top. From the Slide Show menu, select
Custom Animation.

You’ve already learned how to do a Custom Animation, so we won’t go
through it again. But the effect to add is Appear. If you’re
unsure, go back a few pages to the Custom Animation sections.

When you’re happy with your slide, press F5 on your keyboard and run
your powerpoint presentation.

If you find that some slides are out of sequence, you can easily sort
them. We’ll do that in the last lesson of this section.

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