During a presentation, you have the option to use the in-built Pen
tool. This can be used to draw attention to a particular aspect of a
slide. For example, in slide 4 of our presentation we have an animated
GIF image. The animation is a yellow wireless signal travelling from
the PC to the Router. This may be hard to see at first. So you could
use the pen tool to trace its path. First, here’s what it looks like
on screen during a presentation:

Notice that the mouse pointer has changed into a pen icon, and that
it’s tracing a green line.

To use the Pen tool, start your presentation, and move to slide 4.
Now right click anywhere on screen. You’ll see a context menu appear.
Select Pointer Options, then click Pen:

When you click on Pen, you’ll see the mouse pointer change:

To quickly get back to the normal mouse pointer, press the escape key
on your keyboard. Or right click again, and select Pointer Options
> Arrow

But if you start drawing on your screen with the pen you’ll get a black
line. To chose a different colour, click Pointer Options > Pen

Select a pen colour and start drawing on your screen:

To erase what you have drawn, right click anywhere on screen:

From the menu, select Screen > Erase Pen.

Another useful option on the right click menu is Go. This allows you
to jump to any slide in your presentation:


The menu also has options to go to the Next slide, or the Previous
slide. If you want to quit the presentation, you can also click the
End Show option. (A quick way to end your presentation is just to press
the escape key on your keyboard.)

And that completes your second presentation. If you’ve finished all
8 Slides, it should look exactly like ours!

In the next presentation, we’ll be doing something more business-like,
with charts, flow charts, and tables.


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