Our slide show footer has the date, company name, and slide number.
But you can change these details.

To view the footer details, click View from the PowerPoint menu
bar. From the View menu, click on Header and Footer:

When you click Header and Footer, you’ll see the following dialogue
box appear:

If you don’t want the Date to appear on every slide, uncheck the Date
and time
box. If you want the UK date format, select English (UK)
from the Language dropdown. At the bottom of the dialogue box, you can
also uncheck the Slide number box, to remove the slide numbers
from the right hand side of each slide. If you don’t want any text in
the Footer, uncheck the Footer box.

To change the Footer text, simply type it out in the text box. If you
don’t want the Footer information on the first slide, but you do want
it on all the others, uncheck the box that says "Don’t show on
title slide".

We’ve made a couple of changes to our Footer:

As you can see, we’ve decided not to have the date on the Slides, and
we’ve left out the slide number, too. We don’t want the footer to appear
on the first slide, so we’ve left the final box checked.

In the next part, you’ll learn all about Slide Show Notes.


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