Training: Animate slide text and objects

You can animate text and objects, such as a chart or picture, to give them visual effects and make your presentation more visually appealing. Download this series of videos to learn how.

Training: Animate slide text and objects

Inside this course:

Animate a bulleted list (1:56)

Learn how to apply and preview animation effects on your bulleted list.

Animate a chart (1:19)

Attract more attention to your chart by animating it.

Change an
imation effect options (1:24)

Animation choices can be changed or enhanced easily using Effect options.

Reorder animations (1:46)

Refine your animation by changing the order in which animations play.

animation start timing (1:32)

Group animations together so they appear at the same time.

Practice file

Download and use this practice file for hands-on experience while watching the video.

Training: Animate slide text and objects
Animations.pptx (127 K)

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