Training: PowerPoint for Mac 2011 basics

PowerPoint is a powerful presentation application, but to use it most effectively, you first have to understand the basics. This video series introduces some of the tasks and features that you can use in all presentations.

Training: PowerPoint for Mac 2011 basics

Inside this course:

Create a new presentation (1:23)

Start exploring PowerPoint by creating a new blank presentation

Explore the Po
werPoint user interface (3:02)

Identify user interface elements that you can use to accomplish basic tasks.

Insert slides (1:21)

Learn three quick ways to insert new slides into your presentation

Add content to slides (1:55)

Use placeholders to add already formatted content to slides.

ly a theme and a layout (1:50)

Use themes and layouts to quickly apply a consistent design for your entire presentation

Format slide content (1:58)

Refine your presentation by changing the way the content on your slide appears

Save in a new folder (3:05)

Learn two ways to save your presentation in the folder you want, and in the proper file format

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