If you need to split your Slides in two columns then there are multiple ways to approach this. For example, you may be able to create a text column version of your current text box two split it in two columns. Alternatively you can use another different approach by changing the default layout and add two text boxes.

Add 2 Columns Slide Layout in PowerPoint

2 Columns Slide Layout in PowerPoint 2010

We can use the Two Content layout or the Comparison layout that contains two columns and is great for comparison in powerpoint presentations, for example if you need to prepare Slides to compare a Product A with a Product B.

2 Columns Slide Layout in PowerPoint 2010


How to make a wheel chart for business presentations using powerpoint


Two Columns within a Textbox

Maybe one of the most most accurate way to do it is to split them up into several boxes, each box with a bullet list. You can then easily align the boxes in the page.

2 Columns Slide Layout in PowerPoint 2010

In this case, we added a single shape (ie: a rectangle) and then split the text inside the shape in two columns. You can learn powerpoint 2010 column inside shapes by reading our previous article how to add text to shapes in powerpoint.

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