The new version of Apple’s Mac operating system OS X Yosemite is readily available today from the Mac App Store. It offers a fresh new design and new versions of its popular apps, including Safari, Messages and Mail.

How To Resize Multiple Finder Columns in One Go For OS X Yosemite

Column view is a handy way to view the large collections of files in the Finder. Go to default option allows you to arrange content of Finder windows in an easy way to track lists. Following are the steps on how to resize the multiple finder columns in one go for OS X Yosemite:

Other Handy Productivity Features of OS X Yosemite

Apple is advertising some big features like iCloud Drive, Continuity, instant Hotspot, etc. But it’s the little things that you do not hear about them that end up making all the difference. Following are some of the amazing features of the new version of Apple’s Mac operating system:

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