Strategy Flow Diagram can be used in business presentations to show the company strategy. Here we will show you how to make a simple strategy flow diagram in PowerPoint using simple shapes. Strategy and Company objectives can be summarized in a single slide so your audience can understand the core ideas easily without reading paragraphs with lot of text.

First, we can insert some rectangular shapes in powerpoint and you can drag the shapes by holding CTRL pressed to duplicate shapes in powerpoint. Then you can apply some basic styles to the shape and use the Format Painter tool in powerpoint to replicate the same effect.

Strategy Flow Diagram in PowerPoint

Format Painter can help to replicate the same styling for all the shapes in a row.

Strategy Flow Diagram in PowerPoint
Now we can put the company vision, the strategy objectives and company objectives below.

Then we can also add some other thinner rows for the business priorities, team priorities and individual objectives in the organization.

Strategy Flow Diagram in PowerPoint



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