By now, you should have three slides. This first one is a Title for
the presentation, and the other two should look exactly the same, except
for the Title at the top. On the third slide, we’ll add a graphic. The
graphic will display a web page when clicked.

To add the graphic, we can use the clip art built in to PowerPoint.
So, from the menu bar at the top, click Insert. From the Insert menu,
select Picture > Clip Art:

When you click on Clip Art, you’ll get the following dialogue box popping
up in powerpoint 2000:

Scroll down to the Maps category, and click on it. You will
be taken to a new area:

The globe image we chose was the middle one. Click on this and you’ll
see the menu appear. Click the first icon on the menu to insert the
clip art onto your slide. Close the Insert Clip Art dialogue box by
clicking the red X in the top right corner.

For powerpoint 2003, you’ll see some search option in the Task Pane
on the right hand side of your screen. Just click the Search

When you do, all the clip art will appear. You won’t have the globe,
but scroll down until you find one that takes your fancy. We chose the
computer, in the image below:

Your slide should now look like this:

If your image is too small (or too big), use the white squares or circles
to resize it (hold down your left mouse button on a square or circle
and drag).

To turn the clip art into a hyperlink, right click on the selected
image. You’ll see a context menu appear:

Select Action Settings from the menu, and you’ll see Action
Settings dialogue box appear again:

Select the Hyperlink to option, and the dropdown box will become
available. From the dropdown box, select URL:

As soon as you click on URL, you’ll get a dialogue box popping up.
The dialogue box is expecting a web link. Enter the following (or type
an address of your own):

Click OK, and the Action Settings dialogue box will look like this:

You can have some effects for your hyperlinks. We’ll add a sound when
the mouse is over the link, and highlight the image. So click the Mouse
tab at the top of the Action Settings dialogue box:

Put a tick in the box at the bottom Play Sound. Then select a sound
from the dropdown list. We went for Whoosh. Put a tick in the box for
Highlight when mouse over. Now click the OK button.

When you are returned to powerpoint, you won’t see any changes. But
press F5 on your keyboard to start the presentation, and then navigate
to your third slide. When the mouse is over the globe, it should highlight.
You’ll also hear your chosen sound. Click on the globe and, if you have
a connection to the internet, your browser should start up and display
the web page you entered in the URL dialogue box.

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