For this first presentation, we’ll just make changes to the default
Slides that PowerPoint gave us with the AutoContent Wizard. In this
section, you will learn the following:

  • How to change the titles of Slides
  • How to change fonts and font sizes
  • How to add a bulleted list
  • How to delete Slides
  • How to add a new slide

For the subject of the presentation, we’ll teach people how to use
the AutoContent Wizard! You can view the finished presentation by clicking
the link below (Or right click and save it to your hard drive by selecting
Save Link As, or Save Target As):

By the end of this section, you’ll have designed a presentation just
like this one.


To start, open up your AutoContent Wizard presentation from the first
section, if it’s not already open. If not, click File > Open
from the menu, and navigate to where you saved your ppt document.
But it should look like ours, when it’s open (screenshot is from powerpoint

We’ll come to back to the main slide late, and tidy it up. First, we’ll
delete a few Slides because we don’t need all nine that the wizard gave

For our presentation about the AutoContent Wizard, we’ll have the following

  • Main Title
  • Introduction
  • The four steps of the wizard
  • Conclusion

So we need 7 Slides in all. We have nine at the moment, so we need to
get rid of a few. To delete a slide, do the following.

In the Slide Outline on the left, click the slide icon next
to number 3 (Topics of Discussion), as in the image below (image from
powerpoint 2003):

When you click on the slide icon in Outline View, it will display that
slide on the main stage. The text in Outline will then be highlighted:

With slide number 3 highlighted, click Edit from the menu bar
at the top of powerpoint. From the Edit menu, select Delete Slide:

When you click Delete Slide, powerpoint will delete the highlighted
slide, and then arrange the remaining slide numbers for you:

Number three on the list of Slides is now called Topic One.

Using the same technique, delete slide numbers 7 and 8 from your presentation.
This will leave only 6 Slides, one short of what we need. You’ll see
how to add a new slide, but your Outline View on the left should now
look like ours:

In the next part of this tutorial, you’ll see how to insert a new slide.


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